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Winchester Pilates

Please note: Nikky is currently studying for a PhD and is not able to see new clients at this time.


Offering specialist exercise rehabilitation, Nikky works within the studio at Winchester Pilates, in the heart Hampshire, in the historic city centre of Winchester, placed with easy connections to London and the South east and West of England.


Nikky considers the studio to be the best environment to help you regain better movement, providing all the Pilates equipment as well as a dedicated mat work room in a relaxing atmosphere.


The studio was opened in April 2006 to provide a dedicated and comfortable space in the centre of Winchester offering the perfect environment for your practice. Pilates equipment can look quite scary, but springs and gravity can be used to assist your movement, or challenge it. Once you've mastered certain movements, the challenge can be increased by changing the springs or the orientation of gravity.


The studio offers the teaching expertise of a number of Body Control Pilates teachers with a wealth of experience in their field coupled with additional disciplines including Osteopathy, sports massage, karate, rock climbing, ballet, dance and motherhood.  

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