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Pilates for back pain


If you suffer from movement discomfort then you're not alone. Problems with your back can be very common, with an estimated 80% of adults experiencing back discomfort at some stage in their life. Research suggests that 40% of those suffering an acute episode of back pain will go on to suffer chronic low back issues of more than 3 months duration.
Exercise therapy, such as Pilates, is the most widely used conservative intervention for chronic low back pain, recommended by clinical guidelines, and with evidence for effectiveness in reducing discomfort and ability to carry out day to day tasks.


Research shows that chronic pain is a complex problem, and it's all about the brain! The more we understand how pain 'works', the more we can feel in control and able to do something positive. Check out the fabulous video below which explains pain and how physical activity can help to retrain the brain. Pilates is all about moving without pain, so if you're in pain, get moving and give us a call today!

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